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Yamaha Outboard 2001 Factory Service Manual

Yamaha Outboard 2001 Factory Service Manual

This comprehensive factory CD service manual covers all needed instructions to maintain and service your vehicle in a detailed step-by-step format. With all-inclusive, accurate instructions and graphical references, this manual makes it easy to keep your machine running like new, even if with only basic mechanical knowledge.

With specific chapters on each subject, navigation is a breeze. Why keep a bulky book that can become maimed or lost in a garage? With this professional manual print out the information you'll need and get to work. Need a larger graphical diagram to work off of? Use the zoom in feature and see a more intricate view. All the technical details and manufacturers specifications you will need are included!

Chapters Include:
General Information Specifications
Fuel System Power Unit
Lower Power Unit Bracket Unit
Electrical System Troubleshooting
General Service Adjustment

Covering all areas of repair with thorough detail - this manual is an invaluable tool for your workshop. Great for use during regular maintenance, performing tune-ups or replacing components, or for more in-depth procedures, repairing electrical systems or engine removal. Using impressive diagrams and manufacturers specs. - this manual will be your guide.

If you have any questions about this or any other product, or if you're looking for a specific manual, please don't hesitate to email us via our contact form here.

Models Covered Include:

115TLRZ LIT-18616-02-03
115TXRZ LIT-18616-02-03
130TLRZ LIT-18616-02-03
130TXRZ LIT-18616-02-03
150TXRZ LIT-18616-02-01
15MSHZ LIT-18616-01-65
25MHZ3 LIT-18616-01-94
25MLHZ LIT-18616-01-66
25MSHZ LIT-18616-01-66
30ELHZ LIT-18616-01-94
30ELRZ LIT-18616-01-94
30MLHZ LIT-18616-01-94
30MSHZ LIT-18616-01-94
40MJHZ LIT-18616-01-81 LIT-18619-00-97
40MLHZ LIT-18616-01-81
40TLRZ LIT-18616-01-81
50TLRZ LIT-18616-01-81
50EJRZ LIT-18616-01-81 LIT-18619-00-97
5MSHZ LIT-18616-01-33
60TLRZ LIT-18616-02-05
70TLRZ LIT-18616-02-05
8MSHZ LIT-18616-01-64
9.9MSHZ LIT-18616-01-65
90TJRZ LIT-18616-02-05 LIT-18619-00-97
90TLRZ LIT-18616-02-05
C40TLRZ LIT-18616-01-81
C50TLRZ LIT-18616-01-81
C60TLRZ LIT-18616-02-05
C70TLRZ LIT-18616-02-05
C90TLRZ LIT-18616-02-05
DX150TLRZ LIT-18616-01-99
F100TLRZ LIT-18616-01-96
F100TXRZ LIT-18616-01-96
F115TJRZ LIT-18616-02-18 LIT-18619-00-97
F115TLRZ LIT-18616-02-18
F115TXRZ LIT-18616-02-18
F15ELHZ LIT-18616-F1-50
F15ESHZ LIT-18616-F1-50
F15MLHZ LIT-18616-F1-50
F15MSHZ LIT-18616-F1-50
F15PLHZ LIT-18616-F1-50
F15PLRZ LIT-18616-F1-50
F25ELHZ LIT-18616-01-95
F25ELRZ LIT-18616-01-95
F25ESHZ LIT-18616-01-95
F25ESRZ LIT-18616-01-95
F25MLHZ LIT-18616-01-95
F25MSHZ LIT-18616-01-95
F25TLRZ LIT-18616-01-95
F30TLRZ LIT-18616-F3-00
F40ESRZ LIT-18616-02-16
F40MJHZ LIT-18616-02-16 LIT-18619-00-97
F40MLHZ LIT-18616-02-16
F40MSHZ LIT-18616-02-16
F40TLRZ LIT-18616-02-16
F4MLHZ LIT-18616-01-79
F4MSHZ LIT-18616-01-79
F50TJRZ LIT-18616-02-33 LIT-18619-00-97
F50TLRZ LIT-18616-02-33
F6MLHZ LIT-18616-02-19
F6MSHZ LIT-18616-02-19
F80TJRZ LIT-18616-01-96 LIT-18619-00-97
F80TLRZ LIT-18616-01-96
F8MLHZ LIT-18616-02-19
F8MSHZ LIT-18616-02-19
F9.9ELRZ LIT-18616-01-83
F9.9MLHZ LIT-18616-01-83
F9.9MSHZ LIT-18616-01-83
F9.9MSHZ LIT-18616-01-83
L130TXRZ LIT-18616-02-03
LF115TXRZ LIT-18616-02-18
LX150TXRZ LIT-18616-01-99
LX200TXRZ LIT-18616-01-99
LX225TXRZ LIT-18616-02-02
LX250TURZ LIT-18616-02-02
LX250TXRZ LIT-18616-02-02
LZ150TXRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
LZ200TXRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
SX150TXRZ LIT-18616-01-99
SX200TXRZ LIT-18616-01-99
SX225TURZ LIT-18616-02-02
SX225TXRZ LIT-18616-02-02
SX250TURZ LIT-18616-02-02
SX250TXRZ LIT-18616-02-02
T25TLRZ LIT-18616-01-95 LIT-18616-02-20
T50TLRZ LIT-18616-02-33
T8PLHZ LIT-18616-T8-00
T8PLRZ LIT-18616-T8-00
T8PXHZ LIT-18616-T8-00
T8PXRZ LIT-18616-T8-00
T9.9ELHZ LIT-18616-01-83
T9.9ELRZ LIT-18616-01-83
T9.9EXHZ LIT-18616-01-83
T9.9EXRZ LIT-18616-01-83
V150TLRZ LIT-18616-02-01
VX150TLRZ LIT-18616-01-99
VX200TLRZ LIT-18616-02-02
VX225TLRZ LIT-18616-02-02
VZ150TLRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
VZ175TLRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
VZ200TLRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
Z150TLRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
Z150TXRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
Z175TXRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
Z200TLRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22
Z200TXRZ LIT-18616-02-10 LIT-18616-02-22

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